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Hieronder vindt u een kort overzicht van de diensten die Naisy Care u kan bieden. Voor gedetailleerde informatie over een service kunt u doorklikken naar de detailpagina waar we u meer over onze service zullen vertellen.

What Can We Do For You

  • Activities such as: swimming, going to the park / playground, walking in the neighborhood, going to the doctor / dentist / hairdresser / appointments, handicrafts, ipad games and more
  • Teaching new skills
  • Refine and promote what he / she can do
  • Cooking together or before he / she said
  • Do shopping together or before he / she said
  • Households such as: upholstery, dripping, vacuuming, changing bedclothes and more.
  • Buy house supplies
  • Washing (in whole or in part, in bed, shower or at the sink), washing hair.
  • Making the bed with a bedridden patient.
  • Help and guidance with dressing and undressing.
  • Assistance with applying or putting on aids, prostheses, elastic stockings.
  • Help and guidance when going to the toilet, help with the construction of a urinal, help with going to school, changing incontinence material.
  • Help and guidance with, among other things: mouth and dental care (including prosthesis), shaving, hand and foot care, putting on jewelery, etc.
  • Help and guidance with food and nutrition
  • Help with eating and drinking.
  • Administering tube feeding.
  • Help with movement and posture
  • Assistance and support with transfers (for example in / out of bed, bed-chair, in / out of bath).
  • Help with alternations.
  • Help with posture in bed, chair, etc.
  • Help with skin care
  • Regular skin care.
  • Preventing blemishes and taking care of blemishes (redness and skin irritation).
  • Prevent pressure ulcers / care for non-open skin.
  • Taking care of stoma and other unnatural body openings with intact skin, etc.
  • Help with medication use
  • Providing medicines.
  • Help with taking medication.
  • Apply ointment / cream on intact skin, etc.
  • With parent support I help clients with a disability. This is a major challenge for both the client and the parents or carers, and other involved family members. 

  • More than ever, the emphasis is on customer care. The personal living situation, family, friends, wishes and habits are the starting point. Organizing care around the customer requires collaboration.

  • I want this change to be as pleasant as possible for all involved. Often people with disabilities need support throughout their lives. This can range from intensive 24-hour care to a few hours of care per week. The support that I offer is for clients with disabilities who partly need support. With my support, the burden on the direct informal caregivers can be relieved.

We are ready to take the next step with you.
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