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“Every person is unique in his or her being. In this uniqueness you want this person to be strengthened. You want to see every person in his / her in full potential!”

Naisy Care looks beyond the diagnosis, works solution-oriented, ‘out of the box’ with an eye on opportunities and possibilities.

We work with different target groups such as:

children, adolescents and adults with a disability (mental, physical, psychological, etc) and extras such as AD (H) D, ASD, high sensitivity, visual impairment, epilepsy, motor and / or language deficiency.

Naisy care supported and cared for in and in maintaining or increasing his / her own control. We help customers with promoting the quality of life and / or preventing discomfort as much as possible. But we are also there for the immediate environment. Together with the parents and other informal caregivers, we determine the bottlenecks and look for individual solutions. A personal manual is made for each client, focusing on what could be improved and using what is already going well.

Which skills and actions may receive support.

Which structure or supply,

Which supervision can you take over?

Which promotion of self-reliance is discussed with parents or guardians or informal care.

I am accessible, accessible and collaborative.

Do you have any questions or do you already know that you want to be part of the Naisy Care Family? Please contact us.

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