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Hello, my name is Naisy I was born in Aruba and moved to Curaçao at a young age. In recent years I have been living and studying in the Netherlands and speak fluent Dutch, English, Spanish and Papiamentu. In addition to my studies, I am very creative and love music and cooking, among other things.

Some circumstances within my family have made me choose to do this work and start my own company. The work in this profession is not only rewarding for the people being supervised, but also challenges me every day to get the best out of myself and to do for the people.

My big passion is helping others. From my Pedagogical studies that I have completed in Aruba and Curaçao have formed the basis for my Psychology study that I am currently following in the Netherlands. In 2007 I started working in a rehabilitation center for people with paraplegia in Curaçao. In 2011 I started volunteering with different organizations in the Netherlands. Thanks to both processes I have gained a lot of practical experience.

Thanks to my practical experience and the practical knowledge gained in my studies, I have the opportunity to guide people of all ages and to meet their unique care needs.

Some of the specific areas in which I have gained a lot of experience are working with and counseling people with autism and physical, mental, mental or multiple disabilities. also disorders such as NAH, epilepsy and many more. In addition, working with children with special needs is one of the things that I have always cherished and something that I love to do.

The aim is always to offer people knowledge through creative efforts, to make their disability an opportunity and to help them reach their full potential. but mainly to help them feel good and confident.

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